our history

Sixth Element comes to life after years of spontaneous interaction and collaboration between different professionals, each specialized in different areas of the world of tourism and hospitality.

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Our team is bounded together by the passion for our work and the desire to complete each other in order to optimize our skills in a spontaneous and modular way according to the needs.

Only by looking with different and opened eyes, it is possible to form a complete and adapting view.

our philosophy and methodology

The idea behind the Sixth Element takes inspiration from the concept that a further element is needed in order to sublimate the alchemy of the other five precious elements of nature, reaching their maximum expression when they are combined. This union enhances their individual characteristics.

The need to structure and formalize this philosophy and methodology of work was necessary to understand the immense value of this innovative way of working, where the experiences and technical skills are constantly evolving in a dynamic way to balance each other.

our logo


Fire over water: The image of the state before fulfillment.

The logo from I Ching of Chinese tradition represents the two trigrams “Li” (fire) and “Kan” (water) which together make up the Hexagram 64 “Before Completion”.

Li represents the South, the summer, and it’s related to the ear (listening); Can is the North, the winter and it’s related to the eye (observing).

The nobleman is cautious in distinguishing things, so that each finds its place.

This is why the reader is advised to be like the gentleman who cautiously distinguishes things and puts each in its proper place, because he knows he is halfway through something that, only by remaining cautious and lucid, he will be able to complete.



Support clients in a dynamic and complete way in all phases of new projects with the help of the necessary professionals (individually or in multi-task teams) with global interventions or simple ad hoc interventions.

The goal is to plan, program, carry out and implement a project that, like energy, will continuously transform and evolve on solid foundations.


An overview and analysis of projects that is not limited by imposed definitions and theoretical paradigms, but on the contrary: inspired by different realities, experienced by the various consultants, geographically and in perfomed activities.

The goal is to plan, program, carry out and implement a project that, like energy, will continuously transform and evolve on solid foundations.


Marcello Spadoni

Project Manager

Orazio Zapparrata

Project Manager

Orazio Zapparrata Jr

Data Scientist

our Partners

Johary Mahaleo


Owner Chocolate Ambassador



Architectural Firm

Frankie Tang

Accounting and Finance Consultant

Tiana Rakoto

Chef Cuisinier

Francesco Ria

Marketing and Revenue MGMT Consultant